1989 Champion "TELSTAR"

"Excitement of Rv'ing in a Small Motor Home with all the Amenities of a Large One for a Fraction of the Price"

Fun - Travel- Adventure

Travel in a Comfortable RV for a Complete Vacation

Telstar23   Telstar1   Telstar25

1989 Champion "TELSTAR"

Exceptionally Clean - 52,000 Miles - Non Smoking - Always Garaged

Located in Southern Illinois

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Telstar2                Tesatar4                Telstar5                 Telstar6                   Telstar7

Command Center               Instruments                      Sofa Bed                     Entrance Door              Forward Cabin

Telstar16                Telstar8                Telstar10                 Telstar12                   13

Rear Cabin                         Galley                      Microwave                Climate Controls             Remote Guages

Telstar15                Telstar14                Telstar18                 Telstar19                   Telstar20                   Telstar22

Refrigerator                               Porcelain Head         Bath Sink             Large Wardrobe      Full Shower

This 23' 1989 Telstar comes complete with the following features:

telstar floorplan-3

Price $23,900


For More Information About Viewing the Coach:
Please e'mail Richard at:  "gdinn@midwest.net",  Mention "Telstar" in Subject Line.

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