Fox News
Google News
Washington Post
Yahoo News

Drudge Report
Real Clear Politics

Bing -- Microsoft
The Daily Caller -- Tucker Carlson’s website for news and opinions. Generally conservative and libertarian.
Hugh Hewitt -- transcripts from his excellent interviews are available here.
Michelle Malkin
Powerline -- Three lawyers and a professor -- who won't shut up! Ammo Grrrll on Fridays. Not to be missed.
Eschaton Blog / Atrios
Daily Kos -- wild and very weird. “They” are watching; be very afraid.
MoveOn.org -- Progressives are on the march!
Huffington Post -- or the Puffington Host. Depends on whether you like it or not.
TalkingPoints -- Well written.
Interesting Websites
Don't Call List -- Sign up now. Links to Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call list website. There is no charge for this service. And it works!
NetLingo -- Dictionary listing for all those acronyms used on the web. FWIW.
Java Code Development -- Hints to smooth the way to set up a super environment to develop JSP's and Servlets conveniently on your home workstation.
Getting Ready for 2016
Ben Carson -- Raised himself out of proverty and trained to be an neurosurgeon. That's not enough of a career so he's decided he wants to be President. Doesn't believe in the concept of being "politically correct." I like him already.
Ready for Hillary -- Get your name on the HRC email list and be ready for a barrage of donation requests.
Ted Cruz -- Get all the latest "Cruz News."
Carly Fiorina -- Running very hard but probably for the vice-presidency.
Mike Huckabee -- One more time! He's gained some weight back so maybe a strenous campaign will help him get in shape again.
Marco Rubio for President -- The tee-shirts and coffee mugs are already printed.
Run Warren Run -- Sign up here if you want Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for President.