Fox News
Google News
Washington Post
Yahoo News

Drudge Report
Real Clear Politics

Bing -- Microsoft
The Daily Caller -- Tucker Carlson’s website for news and opinions. Generally conservative and libertarian.
Hugh Hewitt -- transcripts from his excellent interviews are available here.
Michelle Malkin
Powerline -- Three lawyers and a professor -- who won't shut up! Ammo Grrrll on Fridays. Not to be missed.
Eschaton Blog / Atrios
Daily Kos -- wild and very weird. “They” are watching; be very afraid.
MoveOn.org -- Progressives are on the march!
Huffington Post -- or the Puffington Host. Depends on whether you like it or not.
TalkingPoints -- Well written.
Interesting Websites
Don't Call List -- Sign up now. Links to Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call list website. There is no charge for this service. And it works!
NetLingo -- Dictionary listing for all those acronyms used on the web. FWIW.
Java Code Development -- Hints to smooth the way to set up a super environment to develop JSP's and Servlets conveniently on your home workstation.
Democratic websites
Lincoln Chafee -- He's a Democrat now -- so why not give it his best shot?
Ready for Hillary -- Get your name on the HRC email list and be ready for a barrage of donation requests.
Martin O'Malley -- former mayor of Baltimore and governor of Maryland wants to continue his success by running the entire country.
Bernie Sanders -- A warning to the 1% -- Bernie wants to take back our country from you people.
Jim Webb -- A former Republican and easily the most conservative Democrat in the 2016 race. Former Marine (Vietnam veteran, 2 Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Medals, Silver Star, Navy Cross), Secretary of the Navy (under Ronald Reagon) and Senator from West Virginia. He has a law degree from Georgetown and is the author of 10 books.
Republican websites
Jeb Bush -- Former Florida governor is the son of Bush41 and the younger brother of Bush43.
Ben Carson -- Raised himself out of proverty and trained to be an neurosurgeon. That's not enough of a career so he's decided he wants to be President. Doesn't believe in the concept of being "politically correct." I like him already.
Chris Christie -- Current governor of New Jersey trying to put Bridgegate behind him. With his still large waistline, getting anything behind him may be difficult.
Ted Cruz -- Get all the latest "Cruz News."
Carly Fiorina -- Running very hard but probably for the vice-presidency.
Lindsey Graham -- Twice elected Senator from South Carolina after 10 years in the House. 33 years in the Air Force and Air Force Reserve in the Judge Advocate General Corps.
Mike Huckabee -- One more time! He's gained some weight back so maybe a strenous campaign will help him get in shape again.
Bobby Jindal -- Louisana Governor who won reelection in a landslide. Second generation American and proud of it. One of the few who shows pure excitement while expousing conservative views -- maybe he has actually thought through his beliefs instead of reading them off a card.
George Pataki -- Former New York Governor who evidently didn't think there were enough Republicans already in the race. His one hope is a decent showing in the early New Hampshire primary.
Rand Paul -- Freshman Senator from Kentucky and the son of Congressman and former presidential candidate, Ron Paul. A medical doctor (Duke University Medical School) who specialized in ophthalmology and eye surgery.
Rick Perry -- Rick is hitching up his spurs yet again for the White House.
Marco Rubio for President -- The tee-shirts and coffee mugs are already printed.
Rick Santorum -- He came in second in the Republican primaries last time. In true Republican fashion, he should be the Republican nominee this time around.
Donald Trump -- the king of combovers rises in the East and wants to build a wall in the South.
Scott Walker -- Wisconsin governor who stood up to the unions and survived a recall election! He then won re-election. If not completing the last two semesters of college is the worst his detracters can come up with this guy looks pretty strong. Because of this, Howard Dean (the screamer) doesn't think Walker is smart enough to be president. Walker should do well in the Iowa caucus where he grew up.