Fox News
Google News
Washington Post
Yahoo News

Drudge Report
Real Clear Politics

Bing -- Microsoft

Michelle Malkin
Opinion Journal -- Wall Street Journal
Powerline -- Three lawyers who won't shut up!

Daily Kos -- wild and very weird. “They” are watching; be very afraid.
MoveOn.org -- To the left, march! And be proud of it!
TalkingPoints -- Well written.
TPM Cafe -- Liberal viewpoint(s) and exceptionally well presented.
Interesting Websites
Don't Call List -- Sign up now. Links to Federal Trade Commission's Do Not Call list website. There is no charge for this service. And it works!

NetLingo -- Dictionary listing for all those acronyms used on the web. FWIW.

Java Code Development -- Hints to smooth the way to set up a super environment to develop JSP's and Servlets conveniently on your home workstation.